Baked apple crisp

These were SO good! They let me indulge in a childhood treat without blowing my macros and were the perfect serving size. 

Here’s what you need:

-2 tablespoons of butter

-2 tablespoons of brown sugar ( not packed) 

-2 tablespoons of gluten free flour

-25 grams of gluten free quick oats

-2 apples, sliced in half and remove the core and seeds


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 

In a small bowl, combine melted butter, brown sugar, flour and oats. Spoon mixture on topf of the apple halves and sprinkle with cinnamon. 

Place apples on a baking sheet and bake for 35 minutes. I wanted my apples to be on the softer side similar to how they are in apple pie so I added another 5 minutes to the end…its personal preference. 

Serve warm and enjoy! 

Baked apple crisp.jpg


Macros for one apple half:

6.3 fat

27 carbs

1.5 protein 


Here is the original recipe I found posted by Gina that I used for todays post :) 


“Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen”- Unknown


With love,