Alternative to Hitting Your Macros Spot On!

Let’s be real, some days and some situations will just not allow you to hit your macro targets right on the money, or maybe not even close to the money! But there are always ways to manipulate your day to create success in one way or another. Ultimately, if you are tracking macros you have a given number of protein, carb and fat grams to hit daily. Hitting these targets closely (we use a +/-5g rule of thumb) will usually create the most success, especially if you are active, making sure you have a healthy balance of the 3 will allow you to reach your goals and feeling your best!

However, those times will come where you might be traveling, having a busy day, you eat something that throws off your numbers, eat out or just really need a little mental break, and in these times you may need to improvise. If you are tracking macros it’s can be easy to fall into the trap of,” if I don’t hit my targets, i’m a failure!” But this is of course, just not true! This tactic of tracking your food is a great way to find the happy medium and not feel like your day is a total wash!

Hit your protein goal & calorie goal.

Since we cannot store protein, we need to make sure we are hitting that goal everyday in order to sustain and build lean muscle. Hitting your protein goal will keep you satisfied and help keep from over eating carbs and fats. If you run into a day where you are finding it extra tough to balance out all 3 macros, try hitting your protein goal and then using whatever combination of carbs and fats to add up to your calorie goal! This can also give a little more flexibility if you are feeling overwhelmed or burned out on tracking. If you are eating out or on the go this gives you more ease to fit things in, as long as you hit protein and calories, it can make it easier to fit different foods in!

If you have a specific athletic goal or a super strict weight loss goal, this option isn’t ideal, but is still great to use on limited occasions. If you want to a little more freedom, give it a try and see how it goes! It’s a great tactic to have in your back pocket in order to still feel in control, but also lends a little more wiggle room in your day!

Try it out and let us know how it goes!