A Look Into My Weekly Grocery List and How I Start Each Week Fresh!

No, I don’t always pop up out of bed on Monday stoked my alarm went off at 4am but I do try to choose to be thankful for the opportunities I have and do my best to make each day filled with purpose.

Looking at the week from a nutrition standpoint and setting myself up for success in that area, it always begins with a shopping list and the dreaded trip to the grocery store! Im always super proud of myself when I can make myself get up and going early on a Sunday morning and get to the grocery store when there is only a few other early risers there, grabbing their eggs and bacon for Sunday morning breakfast or their football game supplies. 

I admit I am a major creature of habit and a lot of times I have to force myself to step out of my food box and add more variety in my diet. I could eat a lot of the same things for a solid month or more and not think twice. It is a new goal of mine as of recently to take the time to change things up and so far it really has served me well. Here is an example of some staple items I make sure to have in the house each week:

  • Proteins: Turkey Burger (93/7%), Egg Whites, Whole eggs, Lunch meat (as all natural as possible!), Chicken or Fish, Turkey Bacon.
  • Veggies: Zuchinni, Yellow squash, Romain lettuce (salads or lettuce wraps), Spinach (add into scrambles, etc. for extra greens!), broccoli, asparagus, Onions, carrots.. anything else that looks fresh and appealing!
  • Fruits: Bananas X2 (we eat a lot of nanas in our household!), Apples, Berries of some sort (add into smoothies, oatmeal, dessert!), avocado.
  • Starches: Purple potatoes (loving these lately-all the colors!!), sweet or baby red potatoes, brown rice, butternut squash, Dave’s Killer bread- thin slices!, Organic Rice Cakes, Tortillas.
  • Dairy: Organic half & half (coffee addict!), Kerrygold Grassfed butter, Greek Yogurt, Arctic Zero or Halo Top Ice Cream (when I need a sweet treat!), reduced fat Cheese pre-shredded (time saver!), Laughing Cow cheese.

Yes- I pretty much buy all of this every week, some things every other and I definitely try to change things up and things may vary depending on what’s in season. I always make sure to pack in as much veggies as possible- get those greens!!

Life is crazy busy for all of us, doing food prep and staying on track can feel overwhelming, especially mid week when we are in the thick of it all. A few things to keep you on track at the beginning and throughout your week:

  • What Are your Top 3 priorities? In what order?
  • What Is Your biggest Nemesis during the week keeping you from your Goals?
  • What Makes you Happy?

Ask yourself these questions and keep them in mind throughout the week. Keep  your priorities in line, keep whatever it is that gets in your way in your control and most of all do what is going to truly make you happy!! 

Don’t wait until the “next Monday” to start chasing your goals, too many Mondays will fly by and before you know it months and years will be gone! Make a plan now and set yourself up for success!

Whatever your journey may be, take on this week and crush your goals, don’t let another week fly by without doing the things you really want in life!