A Guide To Eating Out At A Mexican Restaurant

Do you love Mexican food?
‘Cuz we do!
Whether you’re going out to eat, or ordering it in, there are so many ways you can enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine & not drown yourself in unnecessary calories!
Follow these tips, enjoy your meal & feel awesome!:
🌮Plan ahead, look at the menu online, so you can balance out the rest of your day accordingly. I.e. if you’re going to enjoy a higher carb meal, lighten up on carbs earlier in the day.
🌮Want to snack on the classic chips & salsa? Portion them out. Grab a serving, put them on your plate & stick to just that. It’s easy to mindlessly reach into the basket! If you can skip these- do so!
🌮If you want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, go for a light beer or if you love a margarita, ask for it skinny, fresh squeezed & half the sweetener!
🌮Go for dishes that aren’t cooked in sauces, or ask for the sauce it’s cooked in on the side so you have control!
🌮Ask for your food grilled not fried or sautéed- this saves a ton on fat content. Or ask for it cooked in minimal oils!
🌮Ask for no cheese or cheese on the side, a lot of dishes tend to be doused in cheese, so having control over this creates much more portion control! Using Avocado in place of cheese is a great, healthier option as well!
🌮Sub in black beans instead of refried beans, or skip beans & rice all together & ask for a side of steamed veggies!
🌮Build your meal:
•If you want cheese & gauc stick with leaner meats like shrimp, fish or chicken.
•If you want higher carb items like alcohol, chips, beans, rice, tortillas, try to keep portions small & incorporate veggies
•Hydrate well, restaurants usually use much more salt!
What’s your favorite Mexican fish & how could you order it a little healthier?!