9 easy ways to incorporate extra movement in your day!

1. Keep tennis shoes under your desk at work and use your 15 minute breaks as walking breaks. Keep your walks brisk and you can easily log at least a mile each day. That adds up to 5 miles a week, 260 extra miles walked each year! 

2. Work in an office? Instead of emailing or calling your coworker with a question, get up and walk over to their desk. 

3. Use a basket instead of a shopping cart. Unless you’re buying a weeks worth of groceries, grab the hand basket.

4. Walk your grocery cart back into the store after you’re done with it. It takes only a couple extra minutes but its a quick and easy way to log extra steps which leads me to the next tip:

5. Park as far from the front door as possible. I realize tip two isn’t always possible when you have children since you don’t want to leave them alone in the car. Parking away from the front door and getting that extra distance is something you can do with your children. Plus, it teaches them a healthy habit they can carry throughout their life. Another bonus? Your car has a much less chance of getting dinged by shopping carts or parking lots fender benders.

6. Take the stairs whenever possible. Many times there are stairs right next to the escalators, always choose the stairs. You get to skip out on the germ fest resting on the hand rails of the escalator and help your health. Office buildings, hospitals, malls, and hotels all have stairs you can use instead of the elevator, do it! 

7. Clean your house! Its a double win, you get to relax in a clean home and you got your body moving. This is another one you can share with your children. Make them a list of things they can help out with, it gets them away from the tv and teaches them the value of hard work. You can reward their efforts by a trip to the park or a walk later that day(I don’t think any kid turns down a chance to ride their bike.)

8. Wash your car instead of taking it through the car wash. 

9. Walk while you’re on phone conversations. Instead of sitting on your couch, get up and move around while your chatting. 

These are all simple things each one of us can incorporate into our lives. It may take a little time and practice to break those old lazy habits and create new healthier ones but nothing is stopping you! Start today. 

With love,


Do you have any other habits that you incorporate in your day to help log some extra movement? Please share them in the comment section below!