5 Ways to Take Control of Your Nutrition

A huge challenge that we hear from… well pretty much everyone… is that life is so busy, prioritizing & planning for good nutrition can easily pushed down on the list. However, the great news is, nutrition doesn’t have to suffer just because your days are jam packed! Actually, we would argue that if you don’t make it a priority & find a way to keep good nutrition amidst a busy life- your body will MAKE you slow down & prioritize it eventually- so why not beat it to the punch?
5 Ways to integrate healthy eating into your busy days:
1. Stick to the basics- think lean proteins, veggies, starchy carbs like fruit, sweet potato or squash & healthy fats like avocado, coconut or olive oil, nuts, seeds & fats from your protein sources.
2. Always have your fridge stocked. Not having food available is what resorts to fast food stops & take out or using that lonely box of hamburger helper In the back of your cupboard. When you do have some extra time, make some crockpot meals you can throw in your freezer for those nights you’re in a real pinch!
3. Plan your week & make it easy! Repeating breakfast & lunch and rotating dinners we’ve found makes for super easy planning & doesn’t leave you food prepping all day on Sunday! It may not be overly exciting but when life is busy we have to do what works !
4. Use your resources! Curbside grocery pickup, meal delivery services & an internet full of quick, easy, healthy meal ideas makes it even easier to make healthy eating happen in a “go-go-go” world!
5. Take control. No matter how busy we are, we are all in control of our own days, map out your schedule for each day & week. Know where your breaks are, know what could trip you up & plan accordingly. Don’t let your day control you- you control your day!
Do you struggle w/ letting a busy schedule sabotage your nutrition?