5 Ways to Rock Your Nutrition This Summer!

Summer is here and it’s the time of year everyone wants to look and feel their best. Working with hundreds of clients, we know that this time of year the desire to want to stick to your plan is there, but lot’s of social gatherings, travel, etc. can make it feel impossible at times!

We believe that real success is found in consistency, majority of the time. This does not mean perfection and if you are following a rigid nutrition plan that asks for that, we encourage you to think again! Even we, as coaches want to live life and have all the fun Summer has to offer, so we put together a list of tips that we find helpful and apply to our clients and our own lives!

1.Map out your Summer! Seeing the big picture can help us see where exactly we will want to indulge a little more, where challenges may present themselves and also gives us a better understanding how many days we can actually stick to plan and create a ton of success! It’s easy to get discouraged and focus on the days where we feel we “failed” at our plan, but most likely, the opportunities you have to be on track out number those off days!

2. Have “go-to” snacks and drinks. Whether you are going to a BBQ, camping, having friends over or on the go with your kids, having snacks or drinks you know work into your plan is a must! We love bringing a big veggie tray with macro-friendly dips, protein and veggie rollups or chicken skewers to BBQ’s or parties so we always know there is something healthy to munch on! Carrying jerky, protein bars, veggies or fruit along with you will always guarantee you have something to snack on and won’t blow the macro bank! If you drink alcohol, you know that can be a challenge to squeeze into your daily macros, so always bring your own, lower calorie beverage like vodka soda, light beer or Truly’s! Be prepared and you won’t be left high and dry, opting for the pile of nachos or calorie packed slushy margarita!

3. Keep the strict days strict! Piggybacking off of number 1, once you do have an idea of how many days you truly can stick to plan, make the commitment that those days will be kept nice and strict! If there’s no real reason to indulge and go off plan, save those days for when they’re really worth it! If we can keep consistent majority of the time, those days or weekends off won’t be nearly as detrimental and it usually makes them more enjoyable knowing we worked super hard to be able to have that extra flexibility.

4. Accountability. We’ve said it 100 times and we will say it 100 more times! If you have a goal and truly want to reach it, accountability is everything! None of us are above it and having that person to checkin with, to support you and to bounce your thoughts and feelings off of can be the difference between success or falling short of your goals. Whether it’s a friend, family or a hired coach, have someone that you answer to at least weekly to make sure you are holding up your end of the deal! Make sure it’s someone that will hold you to it!

5. Keep it fresh! This time of year there is so much fresh fruits and veggies available, they’re too good to pass up! Not to mention they are packed with micronutrients and will keep you fuller much longer than any packaged food thought about doing! Load up weekly on fresh, colorful foods and especially if you are dieting, they will help your body function more optimally, keep energy up and leave you feeling satisfied! Take advantage of all that nature has to offer us this time of year!

We hope your Summer is filled with health and adventure!