5 Mindset Hacks: Transform The Way You Think to Reach Your Goals

I have yet to meet one person, that wouldn’t benefit from mindset work. We are ALL a work in progress in this area and there’s no shame in that game! I believe that the second we stop working on our mind, is the second we stop growing & evolving & living to our fullest/best versions of ourselves.

“I messed up on my nutrition, i’m incapable of succeeding”

“I’m too busy to stick with a nutrition plan”

“Having low energy everyday is a way of life for me”

“Of course this would happen to me..!”

“Isn’t she lucky….must be nice….”

“I’m fat, I’m ugly, I wish I had smaller, bigger, tighter… (fill in the blank)

“I could never lose that much weight, lift that much weight or run that far…”

The list goes on…. those thoughts that we may or may not say out loud. Day in and day out, the thoughts we think and the words we speak, hold massive weight on our mindset.

Our mindset holds massive power over the actions that we take. 

If we consistently think or say something, it will sure as heck become reality. The great thing is that we can use this to our advantage as well!

Negative thoughts will keep us in a dark, negative hole. Constantly telling ourselves that we can’t do or have something reiterates that in our brain and will absolutely remain or become true. Not to mention, if we are vocalizing something negative around other people, we are then spewing all of our negative vibes on them- how uncool is that?!

Now let me make it clear, we ALL have negative thoughts! But it’s what we do with them that makes a difference!

I’m not trying to say, “just think all positive thoughts and all your worries will go away!” However, we have seen the power of constructively shifting mindset on the outcome you want, work in some pretty amazing ways! In our own lives, in our clients lives, in lives of friends and family.

Focusing your mindset on the outcome you desire and the actions it takes to get there is a key tool to obtaining that outcome. 

So how do you even start to work on mindset? Here are 5 Tips to kick off a mindset that will take you TO what you want in life, not AWAY!

1. Start every morning with Gratitude. We can get so wrapped up in what we have to do, what we don’t want to do, what’s going wrong, how far we have to go…. Starting each day with 3-5 things that we have to be grateful for, immediately sets our mind in a more positive place for the day.

2. Get laser focused on what you want. Seriously, get obsessed with it. What outcome do you want? Work backwards from there and write down what daily habits it’s going to take to get there. Now get excited about, really excited about it. Envision what it will look and feel like once you get to that end goal. If we focus on what it takes to get there and how awesome it would be achieve it, it can help us stay on the right track mentally. Wake up each day and remember what it is you want, write it down and put it where you can see it!

 3.  Know Your exit plan out of thoughts and words that don’t serve you. This is where it can be super helpful to have a positive mantra that you keep in your back pocket. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT let yourself spiral into the negative thoughts black hole. It’s one thing to have an off day but it’s another to let yourself spin out of control into thoughts that are doing nothing for you! When you feel your mindset shifting to a place that doesn’t serve you, try repeating something out loud or to yourself like, “I am capable, I am powerful, I am able, I am confident, I am badass….etc!” Whatever it is that gets you going, repeat it until you feel your frame of mind shifting. Write little notes and hang them around your office, car, bathroom mirror etc. to constantly put your mind in a constructive place!

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Have you ever been really excited about something and then someone just rains on your parade with their negativity? It’s the worst! There will always be negative people out there who feel the need to vomit their negative vibes on us, but we can do our best to steer clear of those people. If you find yourself hanging out with friends or family who are constantly poo-poo-ing, do everything possible to minimize the time you spend around them and even more importantly, seek out people who are positive, who build you up and enhance the good vibes in your life! Even if it’s hiring a coach or joining some sort of gym or club, find the people who will lift you up!

5. Fake it ’til ya make it! Practice, practice, practice. Just like getting good at a job, a sport or a new sweet party trick, practice makes perfect. Say you want to lose 20 pounds, start to see yourself as that 20 pound lighter version of you. What does she look like? What does she do daily? How does she feel? How does she think? Even if it feels super phony baloney at first, start doing and thinking like that girl and pretty soon you will be that girl! Power through that sticky phase where you might still have some doubt and grab an accountability buddy to make sure you don’t stray!

The way we look at life truly does determine how we live it. Make it a daily practice and that life you want and those goals you want to achieve will have no choice but to come true!