4 Healthy Summer Swaps!

Summer is in full force & of course, we all want to feel great in our skin when the sun is shining!

Feeling healthy, well, FEELS good! Feeling healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up delicious food or drinks either!

Here are 5 of our fav healthy swaps:

  • Ice Cream Swap: Switch out your typical dairy, calorie filled ice cream for a homemade smoothie! You can make your smoothie nice & thick so it has more consistency of ice cream, and switch up your fruits and flavors to whatever taste you’re craving.
    • Smoothie Recipe:
      • Add Your favorite fruit, think banana, berries, mangos, peaches, etc.
      • Add nut butter of your choice
      • Add Protein powder for some added sweetness & creaminess- chocolate and vanilla are great bases!
      • Use oat (this is creamiest), almond or coconut milk. Less milk means thicker consistency!
      • Add ice and blend!

  • Hamburger Swap: Summer is filled w/ BBQ’s! This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious burger fresh off the grill!
    • Use 90% or leaner ground beef, turkey or chicken burgers
    • Go bunless, or bring your own low carb bun like sandwich thins or a lavish wrap.
    • Watch the toppings! A burger can go from 250 to 600 calories super quick just by piling on the toppings! Ask for no cheese, pile on the veggies and use lower calorie sauces like low sugar ketchup & mustard

  • Summertime Cocktail: This time of year usually has more people wanting to enjoy that ice cold, refreshing cocktail & there is nothing wrong with that! It can be super easy to pile in the calories with many of the advertised Summer cocktails out there! There are so many ways to make a  yummy drink without all the calories and sugar!
    • Use a lower calorie liquor like vodka, tequila, gin or rum
    • Use a zero calorie mixer like water, club soda or diet tonic
    • Add fresh juice from fruit like lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange, berries
    • Use flavored sparkling waters

  • Swap out your snacks!
    • This is the time of year where fruits and veggies are so fresh, so take advantage! Instead of heading to a get together with chips or a calorie dense dish, make a platter of veggies with a greek yogurt based dip to munch on, or a platter of all the fresh fruits! Or, make your own homemade chips but cutting a sweet or white potato super thin, tossing in light oil and roasting at 400 degrees until they’re crispy! Season as you’d like!