10 Ways to Support A Healthy Immune System

At Flex Fuel Nutrition, we believe in instilling daily health habits that will make our bodies “bulletproof.” We want to support our immune system by practicing habits that leave us confident in our bodies, knowing we are creating an environment that will be able to ward off infections and disease!

If we create an environment for our immune system to thrive, no matter what sicknesses are floating around, our chances of getting taken down by them are MUCH less! Inflammation in the body is the number one culprit to feeding infection, sickness and disease. It can be fairly simple to keep our bodies in good condition and create/maintain a strong immune system, the key is to stay ahead of the game!

10 Ways to Support A Healthy Immune System

  • Load up on nutrient dense foods:
    • Eat fruit and/or veggies at every meal. Get a variety of colors! Focus on whole, unprocessed foods.
  • Minimize Alcohol intake.
    • We know, this is a tough one, especially during higher stress times, but alcohol actually ADDS to inflammation in the body. Try to create some boundaries around how much alcohol you will drink during the week. Right now, with Covid-19 & schedules being flipped upside down, it’s easy to think every day is Saturday! Try to stick with ‘X” amount of drinks per week to keep it controlled & inflammation down!
  • Hydrate!
    • Simple, but oh, so effective! We recommend drinking 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces per day, add 10-15 more ounces per hour of exercise. Try to take a sip every 15-20 minutes! Keep a water bottle full, throw some cucumber or lemon in there spice it up!
  • Move!
    • Again, sounds like a no brainer, but seriously, moving our bodies and not just for 30-60 minutes a day during your workout. Make sure your movement throughout the day stays up! Set an alarm every hour to get up and walk around, do a set of air squats, sit-ups or pushups, whatever sounds appealing to you to just stay moving and get your blood pumping. This keep your blood pumping & creates a healthier internal environment.
  • Sleep!
    • This is the time when our bodies repair themselves & recharge. If we don’t give them the proper care and time to rebuild what we break down every day (and remember extra stress breaks them down even MORE), it results in higher inflammation and lack of recovery. Remember, inflammation wants to invite disease and infection into your body, so prevent it at all costs!
  • Keep Yo’ Body Clean!
    • Seriously though, wash your hands frequently, stay showered, fresh and keep your clothing and house clean and disinfected! Staying on top of good hygiene will prevent bacteria and disease!
  • Eat gut healthy foods:
    • Kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, probiotics, tempeh, miso, kefir, yogurt, almonds, bone broth… eat foods that promote positive gut health. These will promote good bacteria in the gut & again, fight inflammation!
  • Minimize processed, sugary foods.
    • Processed foods and sugar-laden foods will increase inflammation in the body! Do your best to eat these in moderation or eliminate them completely!
  • Make sure you are getting an appropriate amount & balance of calories.
    • If you are over eating, or under eating, this can work against you & put your health in a compromised position. Make sure you are eating the right amount for YOU! If you aren’t sure how much you should be eating- please reach out to us so we can help!
  • De-Stress!
    • This looks different to everyone but it is proven that mental/emotional stress has a negative PHYSICAL impact on our body. What helps you to de-stress? Yoga, exercise, reading a good book, talking with a friend or family member, painting, drawing, being creative…? Whatever de-stressing looks like to you, make sure you are incorporating that into your day, every day, if not multiple times a day!

There is no better time then now, to focus on increasing our immune health. These 10 points are all doable for everyone! Start today & even in one week, your immune system will be in a better place than you were before!

Stay Healthy Friends!