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Grab and go at the gas station

This weekend we actually had sunshine! It has been a very wet and cold winter so far in Washington and the sunshine instantly made me bust out my summer jams and pretend its 80…..because thats just what we do.

san diego.jpg


With summer on my brain, I started thinking about those times where the best planning was intended but an impromptu trip to the lake, or a later stay at the beach threw my planning a little off kilter and my food sources were limited. There have been many times where I thought running some errands would only take me 45 minutes but turned into 3 hours which lead me to feeling like I could eat my arm off on the drive home. Getting to that point is never good, that tends to be when all good intentions go out the window and the “to heck with it” mentality starts to creep in. That burger, fries and shake is a quick stop and would surely feed the hunger beast. 

Not all hope is lost! There are options you can find at gas stations that are still easily trackable and aren’t going to completely derail your plan like a trip through the McDonald’s drive through could. Of course, most of the things you’ll find in the gas station are heavily processed so that sucks but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. This afternoon I stopped at the local gas station to see what I could find and actually was pleasantly surprised by the options. I wanted to find items that could be easily scanned into my fitness pal and were single serving packages so there is no need to weigh or measure. The gas station also had fresh banana’s, apples and oranges that could be a go to but again, no scale so I opted to not grab any of those. For someone who is familiar with tracking and eats bananas or apples frequently enough to be able to estimate without a scale, of course real nutrient dense foods are the better option but for this specific blog post, I wanted to stick to items that didn't have to be estimated. 

gas station finds.jpg

  1. Skinny Pop: 9F/15C/2P
  2. Chobani blueberry greek yogurt: 0F/18C/12P
  3. Lorissa’s Kitchen jerky: 2.5F/17.5C/27.5P
  4. Core Power chocolate protein shake: 3.5F/28C/26P
  5. Cashew cookie Larabar: 13F/23C/6P
  6. Cookie and cream Quest protein bar: 9F/20C/21P
  7. Tuna to go cups: 1F/0C/15P
  8. Cheddar & sour cream protein chips: 2F/5C/21P


All of the items I found are pretty easy on your daily macro allotment and are easy grab and go items that you could eat to hold you over until your real meal later. If your out and about and start to feel your hunger creeping in, or on a road trip with stops at gas stations along the way, I wanted to show you that you can find options and stick to your plan, it doesn't have to lead to complete failure. Life is meant to be lived, not stuck sitting at home because you’re afraid of venturing out without a complete meal plan packed. Get out there and enjoy it! 


With love,